3-Year-Old Disables Dad’s iPad For 49 Years

An author was accidentally locked out of his iPad by his three-year-old son for 25,536,442 minutes after the boy repeatedly typed in the wrong password.

Evan Osnos, a New Yorker staff writer posted the picture of the error from his iPad on Twitter, the equivalent of being locked out for 49 years. The problem does not seem to have been resolved although according to official Apple instructions, entering the wrong password multiple times erases its content. If the data was not saved, there is no way of retrieving the information. Apple does not state exactly how many times a wrong password is entered before the information on the device is erased, although other websites suggest it is 10 times.

Source: A 3-year-old locked his brainy owner out of his iPad until 2067 – New York Daily News

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