Fighter Jet Mistakenly Ejects Passenger

A 64-year-old civilian passenger was accidentally ejected from a French Air Force Dassault Rafale B fighter jet during takeoff, a French military spokesman said.

The unidentified civilian, who was on the plane for a ride-along, reportedly suffered serious injuries during the March 20 incident that sent him through the canopy and away from the jet. After falling back to the ground via parachute, he was quickly taken to a local hospital. The man reportedly hurt his back upon landing on the runway but was otherwise okay. “Most, if not all, fighters have a very deliberate process aircrew have to go through to trigger an ejection,” writes Kyle Mizokami at Foxtrot Alpha. Maybe the pilot screwed up or maybe the seat malfunctioned on its own. “Another possibility is that the civilian triggered the ejection accidentally.”

Source: Civilian passenger accidentally ejected from fighter jet during ride-along – BGR

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