Victims Identified in North Dakota Quadruple Homicide

Police have reportedly identified the victims of a quadruple homicide in Mandan, North Dakota, yesterday.

The victims have been identified as 52-year-old Robert Fakler, who owned RJR Maintenance and Management Company, 42-year-old Robert Fuehrer, 45-year-old Lois Cobb, and 50-year-old Bill Cobb, all of whom were employees of the company. All four were found slain inside of the property management company’s property.

Police have been unable to determine a suspect or motive for the crime, and no weapon was recovered at the scene. The cause of death for the victims will be determined by a medical examiner. Police have classified the attack as a “multiple homicide.”

Source: Husband, wife and owner of company among 4 murdered in North Dakota attack |

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