Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Regains Consciousness Weeks After Being Shot in the Face, Head, and Neck

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Wade Palmer has reportedly regained consciousness after he was shot in the face, head, and neck over two weeks ago.

Officials say that Palmer’s condition has stabilized and he has been scheduled for reconstructive jaw surgery on Thursday. He has demonstrated non-verbal communication and has shown some cognition towards people’s words and commands. He had been in a medically-induced coma at a hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Palmer was shot before midnight on March 15th while searching for a suspect. Another trooper had found him still seat-belted into his patrol car with the suspect nowhere to be found. The suspect in the shooting, identified as Johnathan Bertsch, was eventually taken into custody by the Missoula County Sheriff’s Office’s Special Response Team.

Palmer has a wife and two young children, according to highway patrol.

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