Father Who Drunkenly Raped Daughter Says He Believed She was his Wife

A Hong Kong father who was sentenced to jail Monday for raping his daughter reportedly stated that he mistook her for his wife.

The man, who returned to his home drunk one night, climbed into bed with his 15-year-old daughter. At this point he had sex with her, believing her to be his wife. The daughter, who realized he believed her to be his wife, tried to stop him but was unable to do so. At some point, he realized his mistake and stopped immediately.

The incident was reported to a social worker who filed the report, but this was against the wishes of the daughter, who believed the incident to be an honest mistake and did not want the family of four to be divided by it. The man, who was not identified in order to protect the daughter’s identity, pleaded guilty to one charge of rape, saying that he did so to end the ordeal for his daughter and wife.

Source: Father jailed for raping daughter says he thought she was his wife – NZ Herald

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