BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Ruling on Executions

The United States Supreme Court has ruled that prisoners who have been sentenced to death in the country are not guaranteed the right to a “painless death,” according to Reuters. The decision is related to the case of Russell Bucklew.

The move comes after a convicted murderer, Russell Bucklew, who was sentenced to the death penalty, sought to be executed by lethal gas instead of lethal injection due to a medical condition that could lead to the rupturing of blood-filled tumors in his face, head, neck and throat.

His lawyers argued that the lethal injection for their client would be cruel and unusual punishment.

The ruling, which was 5-4, ruled that Bucklew failed to present enough evidence “to pursue his request to be executed by lethal gas.”

The decision was down ideological lines, as the conservative justices ruled in the majority, and the liberal judges dissented.

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