BREAKING: Injuries Reported at Vigil for Rapper Nipsey Hussle

At least 8 people have been transported to the hospital while attending a vigil for rapper Nipsey Hussle, who was shot and killed over the weekend at his store in Los Angeles, according to NBC Los Angeles. A total of 19 people were injured, according to NBC News.

During the vigil, there were reports of a shooting, but police say those reports did not appear to accurate, but in the chaos around that, people appeared to be injured. Los Angeles has called a city-wide tactical alert due to the incident.

Local media reports that there is speculation that some people may have been stabbed. These reports have not been confirmed by police.

Police say they are on scene and attempting to restore order.

Other reports have differing injury totals.

We have come across this video of some of the chaos that occurred as this was all happening. Police have been working to disperse the crowd.

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