Idaho Mom Planned to Inject Daughter With Bleach to Kill ‘Parasites’

Brooke Helmandollar, 41, was arrested and charged with criminal mistreatment of her daughter, 10, who she pulled out of school on March 12 before an Amber Alert was issued. Helmandollar took her daughter out of school and told a staff member that she and her daughter would be staying in a hotel because of a parasite and insect infestation at their house.

The 41-year-old later told police she planned to inject bleach in her daughter and herself. Police also found bleach, charcoal, and materials to perform enemas. The 10-year-old was placed in Child Protective Services custody and her mother was taken to the hospital for a mental health evaluation.

Source: Mother who prompted Amber Alert planned to inject bleach into daughter, police say | The Spokesman-Review

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