YouTube Mom Charged With 30 Counts of Child Abuse

An Arizona woman who used to operate a popular YouTube channel featuring children has been indicted on charges that she kidnapped five of her seven adopted children and abused them by pepper-spraying them, forcing them to take ice baths and hitting them with clothes hangers. Machelle Hobson’s YouTube channel, Fantastic Adventures, had more than 700,000 followers with over 242 million views.

The indictment filed Monday stems from charges brought last week against Hobson, 47. YouTube has since terminated Hobson’s channel after determining the channel violated its guidelines. Police had said the children were malnourished. They also said the children were taken out of school so they could keep filming the video series and hadn’t been back in school for years. Hobson’s biological daughter, who is an adult, alerted police of the abuse nearly two weeks ago.

Source: Arizona YouTube mom faces 30 charges for abusing 5 adoptive kids

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