North Carolina School Evacuation Blamed on Spicy Chips and “Sympathetic Vomiting”

Public health officials in North Carolina are not blaming last week’s sickness outbreak at an elementary school on spicy chips and “sympathetic vomiting.” 

Two dozen fifth-graders fell ill at Petree Elementary School, prompting the evacuation of the school over fears of a contagious disease. However, public health officials say they have narrowed down the cause of the outbreak to spicy chips, fruit juice concentrate, and “sympathetic vomiting.” 

The students also reportedly used poor hygiene when sharing the snacks and drinks, which they drank out of their hands or lunch trays. The school was completely cleaned before being reopened the next day. 

Source: Mass School Sickness Blamed on Spicy Chips, ‘Sympathetic Vomiting,’ Health Officials Say – NBC New York

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