BREAKING: Multiple Gang Members Reportedly Charged with Stabbing, Carjacking of Pregnant Woman in Los Angeles

At least five alleged gang members in Los Angeles, California, have been charged in the stabbing and carjacking of a pregnant woman. 

The men reportedly approached the woman while she was driving home in Sunland-Tujunga. One man reportedly stabbed her, while another engaged in the carjacking. The men then tried to drive away in the vehicle before slamming head-on into a parked car. 

The suspected gang members then escaped after being picked up by a driver. The defendants were identified as Christian Reyes, 20, Andrew Bran, 19, Jesus Morales, 18, Christina Luna, 24, and Monica Gomez, 25.

Source: 5 alleged gang members charged in Sunland-Tujunga stabbing, carjacking of pregnant woman |

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