Daycare Owner Gives 6-Month-Old Girl a Lethal Dose of Benadryl

Authorities in Vermont say a 6-month-old baby died on her third day at a daycare center when its owner gave her a lethal dose of Benadryl.

According to WSB, 53-year-old Stacey L. Vaillancourt appeared in court on Monday to plead not guilty to felony charges including manslaughter and cruelty to a child. An investigation found that she gave the girl, Harper Rose Briar, medication only approved for use by adults except under doctor’s orders. A medical examination found the baby died from exposure to diphenhydramine, an ingredient in the medication. Vaillancourt could face a 15-year jail sentence if convicted of manslaughter, plus 10 years if found guilty on the child cruelty count.

Source: Vermont day care owner charged in baby’s Benadryl death | WSB-TV

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