Man Allegedly Kills Girlfriend’s Dog Because She Didn’t Come Home on Time

A North Lauderdale, Florida, man made a court appearance accused of killing his girlfriend’s dog because she didn’t come home at a certain time.

Lawrence Graham allegedly killed a 1-year-old Shih Tzu because he was mad at his girlfriend. According to police, Graham, 19, gave his 16-year-old girlfriend the puppy last year, which she named Jordan. “He started texting her, calling her for her to come home,” police said. Graham texted his girlfriend, “U got til 1030 if u not here by then I swear 4 God I’ll finnish Jordan off.”

The police report stated Graham kicked and choked the dog and put its body in a bag while still alive. “He then placed the dog next to the front door with a towel over it, flowers next to the dog, with the dog’s collar, and a note that read, ‘Coulda made it RIP Jordan,’ Graham remains behind bars and faces several charges of animal cruelty.

Source: Sheriff: South Florida man killed girlfriend’s puppy because she wouldn’t answer his calls – Story | FOX 13 Tampa Bay

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