New York Woman Suing Cemetery After Being “Sucked Into Parents’ Grave”

A woman visiting her parents’ grave in Long Island, New York, is suing the cemetery after she was reportedly “sucked into” the grave. 

Joanne Cullen, 64, was reportedly visiting her parents’ graves when she bent down to fix a bow on a wreath affixed to one of her parents’ tombstones. However, a sinkhole then began to open beneath her, causing her to move forward and hit her head on tombstone, cracking a tooth. 

She then began to slide more and more into the grave, eventually ending up around waist-deep in the ground. Cullen is suing the cemetery for $5 million, citing the emotional trauma of the event and the fact that she can no longer visit her parents’ graves due to the incident. 

Source: New York woman ‘sucked into parents’ grave’ suing cemetery | Fox News

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