Mother Wins Lawsuit After She Was Reportedly Set on Fire During C-Section

A mother in Trinidad has reportedly won a lawsuit that she filed after she was set on fire during a c-section procedure.

Anita Espinoza reportedly was undergoing a caesarean section at San Fernando General Hospital when the incident occurred. She had reportedly gone into the maternity ward for the procedure, but only moments after a topical agent was applied and the first incision was made, a fire reportedly broke out, burning her. 

Espinoza then began panicking, and eventually fell unconscious. Her burns were treated and the surgery was carried out successfully. Since the fire, the hospital has admitted that it occurred, but denied any wrongdoing, saying that their employees worked to the best of known practice and were not negligent in the incident. 

However, the San Fernando High Court found the hospital liable and they were ordered to pay damages and costs that are to be assessed by a master of the court. 

Source: Set on fire during C-Section: Mom wins lawsuit | Local News |

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