Large Fire Continuing to Burn at Chemical Plant in Deer Park, Texas, Sending Black Smoke Plume Into the Air

A fire at the Intercontinental Terminals Company chemical plant in Deer Park, Texas, has continued to burn after going off late last night. 

The fire could take two days to fully burn out, officials say. The fire is currently burning through seven tanks at the plant. The first tank that caught fire contains NAPHTHA, a component in gasoline. The fire then spread to a second tank containing XYLENE, another gasoline component. Another tank that caught fire contains Toluene, which is used in nail polish remover, glue and paint thinner. 

The chemicals are very flammable and can kill if ingested or if they enter your airway. Crews have been working to spray foam to cover the fires to prevent spread and have sprayed adjacent tanks with water. A shelter-in-place was order for the city, but has since been lifted. 

Source: ITC Deer Park plant fire could take 2 days to burn out, officials say |

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