Officials Warning Parents After “Frozen” Characters Found on $90,000 Bags of Meth

Authorities in Greenup County, Kentucky, are warning parents after they found “Frozen” characters on $90,000 bags of methamphetamine. 

Police are spending more time warning parents to ensure their children stay away from the bags because this particular branding of meth is supposed to be a significantly higher concentration of the drug. Officials say that of the “Frozen” bags that they found, the purity was around 97 or 98%, which can prove fatal to children. 

Once dealers gain ahold of the purer bags, they will many times mix it with other substances such as fentanyl, posing even greater threats. Police warn people to avoid touching any of these bags that they find and instead call police immediately. 

Source: UPDATE | ‘Frozen’ characters on $90k bags of meth ‘no accident’

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