Man Arrested After Reportedly Choking Driver Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Songs

A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after he allegedly choked the driver of the car he was in for singing Christmas carols.

25-year-old Clayton Lucas and the victim were found on the side of the road by police after the driver was forced to pull over. The driver says that Lucas reached around his seat and began strangling him to the point where he almost lost consciousness and was barely able to safely pull off the road. 

After police approached Lucas, he became combative and was not listening to officers’ commands, with the officers having to sweep his legs out from under him in order to gain control. Lucas then explained his actions, saying that the driver would not stop singing Christmas carols, so he choked him. 

Lucas has been booked into the Allegheny County Jail on multiple charges. 

Source: Police: Man Arrested For Choking Driver Who Wouldn’t Stop Singing Christmas Carols – CBS Pittsburgh

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