Pregnant Woman Arrested After Reportedly Stabbing Boyfriend for Looking at a Photo of Another Woman; Claims he Fell on the Blade

A woman in Zephyrhills, Florida, has been arrested after she reportedly stabbed her boyfriend for looking at a photo of another woman.

25-year-old Julitza Emily Gonzalez reportedly became angered after her boyfriend looked at a picture of a woman that the boyfriend’s roommate wanted to date. This sparked an argument that led to the woman, who is pregnant, stabbing him with a kitchen utensil. 

The boyfriend made his way to the other room where his roommate was, holding his stab wound. The roommate applied pressure to the wound until paramedics were able to arrive. According to the arrest report, as they waited for first responders, Gonzalez entered the room at some point and asked, “Why would you look at that girl on the phone?”

The victim was airlifted to the hospital and Gonzalez was taken as well after she showed signs of anxiety. Deputies found a 5-inch steak knife with blood on it at the scene. In their interview with Gonzalez, she denied that she stabbed him, saying that he must have fallen on it, but officers say the wound does not match such an incident. 

Source: Pregnant woman stabs boyfriend after he looks at a photo of another woman, deputies say

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