Utah Teacher Apologizes After Forcing Boy to Remove Ash Wednesday Cross from his Forehead

A Utah teacher has apologized after they reportedly made a fourth grade boy remove an ash cross from his forehead on Ash Wednesday. 

When the boy arrived at the school, he says he noticed that no one else in his class had the religious symbol, and he began answering their questions about why he had it. At some point during this, his teacher pulled him aside and told him that he would have to wash off the cross, giving him a disinfecting wipe to take it off. 

The boy says he tried explaining the significance of the cross to the teacher, but she told him again that he had to wipe it off. The school’s principal was notified of the incident and contacted the boy’s family to apologize. The teacher in question also hand-wrote an apology letter to the boy and gave him some candy. 

The school district has launched an investigation. 

Source: Utah teacher apologizes after making boy remove religious symbol on Ash Wednesday | fox13now.com

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