BREAKING: Fired Florida Officer Guilty of Killing Black Motorist

A fired Florida police officer was found guilty of manslaughter and attempted murder Thursday for the fatal 2015 shooting of a stranded black motorist.

Nouman Raja, 41, now faces a possible life sentence for the death of Corey Jones, 31. The jury deliberated for about four hours. Raja did not react as the verdict was read. Working in plain clothes, he drove his unmarked van the wrong way up an off ramp, stopping near Jones’ broken-down SUV Oct. 18, 2015. The prosecutor said Raja never identified himself and acted so aggressively that Jones must have thought he was about to be carjacked or killed. That caused Jones who was a concealed weapons permit holder to grab his gun and run as Raja repeatedly opened fire, they said.

Source: The Latest: Florida officer guilty in black motorist’s death | WTOP

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