Smoke Cloud in Neighborhood Leads to Florida Man Asking Police “Did you find all my pot?” and Arrest for Marijuana Possession

A smoke cloud in a Florida neighborhood led police to investigate the area and encounter a man who directed them to his stash of marijuana.

64-year-old David Ellis was arrested after a deputy approached him about a large smoke cloud in his backyard. In Ellis’ backyard, the deputy found an open fire of debris, with Ellis saying that the pile was just leaves. However, upon approach, the deputy noticed the strong scent of marijuana, raising his suspicions. 

After a brief conversation, Ellis said that the pile was “trash” and wasn’t good for smoking. “It’s trash. You don’t smoke that,” Ellis said. “I’ve got like a quarter pound of it inside.” The deputy then followed Ellis inside, with consent from the man, where they found marijuana in an aluminum tray. 

The two returned outside, at which point Ellis asked if the officer saw his pot. Upon learning he had, Ellis also directed him to his refrigerator, where he found even more of the drug. The deputy said as they left the house after finding 174 grams of raw cannabis and 15.4 grams of THC wax, that Ellis asked them, “Did you find all of my pot?”

Source: Leaf-burning Florida man asks cop ‘Did you find all my pot?’ | Miami Herald

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