Billionaire Diamond Trader Dies During Male Enhancement Procedure

A billionaire diamond trader has reportedly died during a male enhancement procedure, according to reports.

Ehud Arye Laniado, 65, reportedly died during the procedure at an unnamed plastic surgeon’s office in Paris, France. The diamond trader reportedly suffered from complications after suffering a heart attack after a substance was injected into his penis. 

Arye Laniado faced criminal problems in 2013 after Belgian authorities accused of him of tax evasion worth over $5 billion on illegally imported diamonds. Laniado sold the world’s most expensive diamond, called the Blue Moon of Josephine, to Hong Kong businessman and convicted felon Joseph Lau Luen Hung for 36.8 million pounds (approx. $48.4 million) in 2015. 

Source: Billionaire diamond trader dies during penis enhancement procedure, reports say | Fox News

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