Mom Dumps Injured Toddler on the Side of the Road, Speeds Off

A Maryland mother is under arrest after she allegedly left an 18-month-child on the side of the road and drove off, while reportedly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

WBAL-TV reports that Elizabeth Easton, 29, is facing multiple charges, including neglect, abuse, and reckless endangerment after she allegedly left a toddler with injuries alone on the side of a road. Police said that a passing motorist saw Easton pulled over and tossing something into a nearby field. When the witness went to help the woman, she allegedly got into her car and drove off, leaving a toddler with injuries behind.

While speaking with the suspect, officers noted that she appeared to be under the influence of a substance. The extent and the source of the toddler’s injuries are not known.

Source: Mother arrested on DUI, child abuse charges after leaving toddler roadside

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