Police Tase Combative Man During Girl Scout Cookie Sale Outside New Hampshire Grocery Store

Police were reportedly forced to use a taser on a combative man during a Girl Scout cookie sale outside of a New Hampshire grocery store. 

The man reportedly approached the Girl Scout table while under the influence of some drug. Police were called to the scene after he started speaking incoherently and becoming combative. When they arrived, they found him armed with a pole and foaming at the mouth. 

Another man at the scene reportedly told police that he was a recovering crystal meth addict. Bystanders reportedly formed a human wall around the girl scouts as he approached. Due to safety concerns, they tased the man to subdue him, but this did not fully work, as he repeatedly tried to escape the police cruiser they put him into. 

Source: Police use Taser on combative man during Girl Scout cookie sales outside grocery store | Local News | unionleader.com

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