Man Charged With Murdering Wife After Stabbing her With Corn Rake After Learning About Affairs

An Iowa man has been accused of fatally stabbing his wife with a corn rake after learning she had a couple of secret affairs.

Amy Mullis, 39, had been found dead on Nov. 10 at her farm near Earlville. Authorities initially said that the woman has been fatally injured in a fall when her husband Todd Mullis told 911 that no one had seen what happened. An autopsy showed that the woman had six puncture wounds and listed the manner of her death as a homicide. Police now formally charged Mullis with the murder of his wife.

He allegedly researched the murder by searching for “organs in the body,” “killing unfaithful women” and “what happened to cheating spouses in historic Aztec tribes,” according to the police. He’s currently being held on $5 million cash bail and faces life in prison.

Source: Delaware County man accused of murder, stabbing wife with corn rake | KGAN

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