Doctor Accused of Filming Dozens of Women in the Bathroom

A former Rutgers University medical school doctor has been accused of recording at least 26 women while they were in the restroom. 

Dr. James Goydos, 58, has been charged with 160 counts of recording the women and three other people while they were in various stages of undressing in the bathroom. He is also accused of breaking into a colleague’s office and stealing their identity. 

The university says that Goydos is no longer employed at the medical school. According to the 41-page indictment, Goydos entered offices of at least four people in the Cancer Institute of New Jersey during 2016 and stole information from their computers in a “scheme to defraud, or to obtain services, property, personal identifying information or money.”

Source: Ex-Rutgers med school doctor accused of recording women in bathroom, identity theft, gun charge in 160-count indictment –

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