Children Found Abandoned in Filthy Home Didn’t Know Their Own Names

A Dallas, Texas, father is facing criminal charges after his four young children were found abandoned in a home which authorities said wasn’t fit for habitation.

According to WFAA, Robert Preston, 31, was arrested on child endangerment charges Sunday after his four kids, ages 5 and 2, and two 3-year-old twins—were found in a “filthy” Dallas apartment. Preston’s arrest came a day after police responded to reports of a 3-year-old boy running unattended around the apartment complex. The four children reportedly called each other “Robert,” as they didn’t know their own names. Officers said that they communicated through body language as their language patterns appeared “off.” Authorities also alleged that the children were screaming and yelling when cops let the dog out the closet as if they had never seen it before. The children are now in protective custody.

Source: Affidavit: Kids found in ‘filthy’ home, where sink water ‘smelled like a dead animal’ |

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