Pennsylvania Legislator Says Carbon Emissions Should Not be Reduced Because Vegetables Need Them

Pennsylvania State Representative Daryl Metcalfe released a video to his Facebook page in which he lays out an argument against reducing carbon emissions. 

In the video, Metcalfe says the following:

“Just to be on record,” Metcalfe begins, “I enjoy my vegetables, and plants need CO2. So I want to make sure we still have plenty of CO2 out there so we have green grass and green vegetables growing. We need CO2. We can’t eliminate all CO2. So I think we’re going to have an interesting debate for those that want to reduce something that’s actually needed by our environment.”

The unusual argument comes after Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf issued an executive order last month that aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 26% over the next eight years. Several measures have also been introduced in the state legislature that aim to reduce CO2 emissions. 

Source: Pennsylvania state rep: We need carbon dioxide because I like vegetables | PhillyVoice

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