Humpback Whale Discovered in the Middle of the Amazon Jungle

Researchers say that they have made a surprising discovery of a dead humpback whale in the middle of the Amazon jungle in Brazil. 

The whale, which was around 26 feet long, was discovered about 50 feet away from the ocean, covered in branches and shrubbery. Marine experts say that it is not an adult whale, nor is it as large as it appears in photos. 

A marine specialist says that she believes the whale was swimming close to shore and the tide, which has been creeping further inland in the past few days, carried it into the mangrove. What is more surprising, however, is the fact that the creature was at the north Brazilian coast at this time of year. 

A formal cause of death for the creature was not given. 

Source: Dead humpback whale discovered in Brazil’s Amazon jungle puzzles researchers | Fox News

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