Florida Man Blames Anime for Molesting Young Girl in Church Closet

A man from Jacksonville, Florida, reportedly has blamed anime after he was arrested for molesting a young girl inside a church utility closet.

Justin Hughes, 31, reportedly molested the 3-year-old girl inside the closet, then told officers that he blamed his actions on the Japanese graphic novels. He reportedly coaxed the girl into entering the closet with him before molesting her. The two were seen leaving the closet 15 minutes after entering. 

Investigators say that Hughes appeared “distraught and in a rush to be in handcuffs.” They also added that he blamed anime for his decision making, asking an officer, “Do you have children? If you do, keep them away from Anime and Manga (Japanese graphic novel). They’re perverted and sick, I am an idiot.”

Hughes admitted to inappropriately touching the victim. 

Source: Report: Jacksonville man blames anime for molesting girl in church utility closet | WJAX-TV

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