BREAKING: At Least 3,500 Cases to be Reviewed in Washington After Major Sentencing Errors Discovered

Washington State Department of Correction (DOC) officials are scrambling to review thousands of cases after a software glitch led to a large number of sentencing errors. 

The software issue caused at least a dozen inmates to be held too long or released too early, not in accordance to their sentences. The errors then led to officials ordering the review of around 3,500 more cases that may have also suffered sentencing errors.

The calculating problem involves offenders who served time in prison before being released into community supervision, or parole, but then violated the terms of their release and were returned to prison, according to DOC officials. A similar problem was encountered in the state four years ago, which led to the resignation of several officials, including the DOC secretary. 

Source: Washington corrections officials scrambling after new sentencing errors uncovered | The Seattle Times

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