Syrian Couple That Fled Country due to War Lose all 7 Children to House Fire

A Syrian family that fled their country due to war reportedly lost all seven of their children to a house fire in Canada.

The Barho family came to Canada in 2017 to escape the civil war that has brought havoc to Syria. However, earlier this week, at their home in Nova Scotia, a fire broke out, after a neighbor said they heard a loud bang and a scream. 

Neighbors say that the house quickly went up in flames, with fire shooting out of the back of the building. The father, Ebraheim Barho, was badly injured trying to rescue his children and is hospitalized in critical condition. The mother was uninjured in the blaze, but is reportedly struggling to come to terms with what happened, as family friends say she continues to repeat the names of her children.

The children were identified in a post on the Facebook page of the mosque where their funeral will be held: Ahmed, 15, Rola, 12, Mohammed, 10, Ghala, 8, Hala, 4, Rana, 3, and Abdullah, 4 months old. 

Source: Syrian Family Who Fled War Lose All 7 Children to House Fire in Canada | KTLA

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