New York Driver Allegedly Plows Into Family of 8, Killing Mother

A New York man allegedly mowed down a family of eight, including a baby and five children, outside a 7-Eleven store on Wednesday, killing a 32-year-old mother after the father asked the driver to stop smoking, a report said.

Jason Mendez, 35, hit all eight members of the family following an argument he had with the father who had allegedly asked him not to blow cigarette smoke around his children, WCBS-TV reported. Mendez got into his car and smashed into the store before he reversed the vehicle and plowed forward again, hitting the family again, police said. Mendez allegedly exited the vehicle with a knife and police stopped him with a stun gun. Mendez was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, and seven counts of attempted murder.

Source: Police: Mom Dead After Driver Deliberately Strikes Family Of 8 Outside Rockland County 7-Eleven – CBS New York

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