Florida Man Known as the “Topless Handyman” Arrested in Undercover Contractor Sting

A Florida man who advertises himself as the “Topless Handyman” has been arrested in an undercover sting operation directed towards unlicensed contractors.

Jason Liggitt, 46, arrived to the sting in an Uber with no tools, no shirt, and short shorts. He now faces charges of misdemeanor unlicensed specialty contracting and felony failure to secure workers’ compensation.

“I can put up your fence, or take down your shed,” his ad read,  “Paint your wall, or trip your door. I can hang your curtains, or lay your floor. I’ll do it topless, but don’t ask for more!”

The arrest was part of a larger sting operation in Pinellas County, Florida, that led to 152 arrests. 

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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