Florida Man Arrested After Slapping Woman with a Bowl of Chili, Threatening Boyfriend with a Kitchen Knife

A Florida man has been arrested for allegedly slapping a woman with a bowl of chili outside of a home. 

33-year-old Jerald Jenkins reportedly approached the car that the woman and her boyfriend were in, asking who was with her. When she told Jenkins that it was her boyfriend, he proceeded to hit her with the bowl of chili, then pulling her out of the vehicle and pulling her hair, as well as hitting her repeatedly. 

At this point, the boyfriend got out and tried to separate the two. Jenkins then reportedly went back into the home and got a large kitchen knife, returning and threatening the boyfriend. He reportedly swung the knife at the couple, before being restrained by a witness. The victim and her boyfriend left the scene. 

Source: REPORT: Escambia County man allegedly slaps woman with a bowl of chili | WEAR

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