Nearly 400 Southern Baptist Officials and Volunteers Implicated in New Abuse and Sexual Misconduct Report

Around 380 Southern Baptist church officials and volunteers have faced sexual misconduct allegations, according to a new report published by the Houston Chronicle and the San Antonio Express-News. 

The church community leaders, spread across 20 states, were accused of various incidents of sexual misconduct and abuse. 220 of the 380 had either been convicted or accepted a plea deal in connection to the incident. 

The report also alleges that leadership in the church routinely ignored the allegations when they were brought to their attention. President of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), J.D. Greear, stated on Twitter that

“The voices in this article should be heard as a warning sent from God, calling the church to repent. As Christians, we are called to expose everything sinful to the light. The survivors in this article have done that —- at a personal cost few of us can fathom.”

Source: 380 Southern Baptist church officials and volunteers faced abuse allegations, explosive report states – ABC News

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