Butter Knife-Wielding Burglar’s Plan Foiled by Couple who Sit on Him Until Police Arrive

A couple in Lincolnshire, United Kingdom, were able to halt a burglary attempt after they sat on the suspect. 

Robert Barnes, 28, reportedly broke into the couple’s home after using a brick to break a window. The couple, John, 85, and Susan, 57, were alerted to Barnes’ presence after Susan saw a light from her husband’s railroad collection room. 

Susan called police while John confronted the robber. John, a former railroad worker and hip replacement recipient, managed to put Barnes, armed with a butter knife, into a bear hug. Barnes escaped, ripping the phone from Susan, but falling to the ground. At this point both John and Susan sat on him, restraining him until police arrived. 

Source: Lincolnshire couple sat on knife-wielding burglar – BBC News

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