Legendary Sportscaster Arrested in Florida

Longtime sportscaster Warner Wolf was arrested this week in Florida for removing letters from a sign at his private gated community that spelled the word “plantation,” officials said.

Wolf, 81, turned himself in Thursday for breaking off the letters of the word from the “Classics Plantation Estates” sign in East Naples on Nov. 30, officials said. “He had his opinions about how it was a racist word and he didn’t feel that it should be in the name of a community,” property manager Ken Heff said. He faces a felony charge of criminal mischief.

Wolf was formerly the play-by-play announcer for “Monday Night Baseball” in the 1970s. Wolf recently did sports reports for former radio host Don Imus. He’s known for the catchphrase, “Let’s go to the videotape!”

Warner Wolf turned himself in and was arrested Thursday for removing the letters of the word "plantation" from the "Classics Plantation Estates" on Nov. 30.

Source: Longtime sportscaster charged with felony after removing the word ‘plantation’ from sign at his gated community | TheHill

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