Former Police Officer Pleads Guilty to Animal Cruelty After Emaciated K-9 Found Dead

A former reserve police officer in southeast Indiana pleaded guilty this week to cruelty to an animal in a case involving the neglect of his police-issued K-9.

Clinton Ellis, 35, was already in jail after pleading guilty to felony theft charges involving unlawfully seized guns and missing cash while serving as a reserve police officer. Another Laurel police officer, Brandon Blades, found K-9 Blade dead in his cage at Ellis’ home on January 1 of last year. Blades had noted the dog “had lost a significant amount of weight, was not being taken out regularly and was left to wallow in his cage among his urine and feces” while under Ellis’ care. Ellis said he meant to take Blade to the veterinarian, but the office was closed, though no record exists of him trying to contact the office.

Source: Former officer pleads guilty to animal cruelty after emaciated K-9 found dead

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