Fisherman Using Dead Baby Shark as Bong Sparks Outrage

An Australian fisherman sparked outrage online when he posted a clip of himself using a dead baby bull shark as a bong. The fisherman, Billy Brislane has quit social media after receiving death threats.

Brislane had uploaded the clip to Facebook. The video showed him taking a puff of smoke from a pipe lodged through the dead shark’s back. “Caught by my mate when we were fishing for mangrove jacks on Friday. After two nights left in the icebox, I came up with the idea. There is no possible way it was alive,” the now-deleted post read.

“Why is it so hard for human beings to treat #animals with respect? This is sickening, disheartening, and overall SO disgusting,” tweeted TheFinsUnitedInitiative.  

Source: Australian fisherman’s viral ‘shark bong’ draws outrage, death threats – The Washington Post

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