Woman Sentenced for Dismembering her Cousin and Cooking Him on Barbecue Pit

A San Antonio, Texas, woman has been sentenced to 30 years in prison for severing the limbs of her cousin, who was beaten and dismembered before his remains were burned on a barbecue pit.

A judge sentenced Candie Dominguez, 39, on Monday. She had confessed last week to participating in the September 2014 murder of her cousin, Jose Luis Menchaca, 35, over a botched drug deal and stabbing. Dominguez testified Friday that she had no remorse for her role in the killing of Menchaca, whose remains were burned on a barbecue pit. Dominguez’s boyfriend, Daniel Moreno Lopez, was also was convicted in the killing last June and was sentenced to life in prison.

Source: Woman gets 30 years in prison in Texas dismemberment killing | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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