“Ghost” Hiding in Student’s Apartment Ends up Being a Man Hiding in her Closet, Wearing her Clothes

A “ghost” that was hiding in a female student’s apartment turned out to be a man that was in her closet and wearing her clothes. 

The incident happened to the UNC Greensboro student, who said she started noticing some of her clothing mysteriously going missing. The items started disappearing and she started to see handprints on the bathroom wall, leading to her supernatural suspicions.

“I just hear rattling in my closet. It sounded like a raccoon in my closet,” she said. “I’m like ‘Who’s there?’ And somebody answers me. He’s like, ‘Oh my name is Drew.’ I open the door and he’s in there, wearing all of my clothes. My socks. My shoes. And he has a book bag full of my clothes.”

She then called her boyfriend, waiting for him to come over, talking to the man to try and keep him distracted. She and her other roommates say they have no idea how he managed to get inside, as they constantly lock their doors and no damage was visible to any entrance.

Drew Swofford was jailed in Guilford County under a $26,000 bond on 14 felony charges including larceny and identity theft.

Source: ‘Ghost’ in student’s apartment turns out to be man in her closet, wearing her clothes | FOX2now.com

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