Florida Man Used Fake Middle-Eastern Accent in Threat to Blow up Gay bar

A man in West Melbourne, Florida, is in custody after he reportedly used a fake Middle-Eastern accent to call in a bomb threat to a gay bar.

18-year-old Randolph Charles Goodwin called the Twister Rooster, imitating a Middle-Eastern accent. During the call, he asked the bartender if they were a gay bar, which he confirmed, prompting Goodwin to yell that he was going to blow up the bar, promptly hanging up the phone. 

When detectives came to his home, Goodwin admitted to the crime, using the accent to try and cover up his voice. Authorities say he and his friends were making prank calls to various businesses that night, and the bomb threat was involved in their antics. 

Goodwin was charged with making a false report of planting a bomb. 

Source: Florida Man With Fake Middle-Eastern Accent Threatens To Blow Up Gay Bar

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