Crocodile Warning Issued After City is Slammed with “Unprecedented” Levels of Flooding

North Queensland, Australia, has been given a crocodile warning after the city of Townsville was battered with heavy rainfall and is facing “unprecedented” levels of flooding. 

Several videos were posted on social media of crocodiles swimming around the stagnant water that has overtaken much of the region. The warning also extends to snakes, as authorities urge residents to remain on alert for potential hazards. 

The flooding has caused significant damage not only to infrastructure, but also to the environment, where the region is coming out of a significantly dry and hot month. “It’s basically not just a one in 20-year event, it’s a one in 100-year event,” Premier of Queensland, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said Saturday.

Source: Crocodile warning issued as Australian city faces ‘unprecedented’ levels of flooding – ABC News

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