Burglar Sentenced After Breaking Into Funeral Home and Having Sex With Corpse

A Birmingham, England, burglar broke into a funeral home, opened the lids of several coffins and choose one to have sex with.

It was an act Crown Court Judge Melbourne Inman said, “offended all human sensitivity”. He then sentenced Kasim Khuram, 23, to six years in jail. Khuram broke into the Central England Co-operative Undertakers funeral home on November 11 and set off a burglar alarm. Khuram was allegedly high on PCP and Vodka. He reportedly opened nine coffins and disturbed three bodies, including the corpses of two women. The police told the court Khuram told the arresting officers, “I bet you think I have been shagging them don’t you?”

Source: Burglar who broke into funeral parlour and had sex with corpse jailed for six years – NZ Herald

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