Man Dies in Mexico, is Sent Home without his “Brain, Stomach, or Heart”

The body of a Korean man who died in Mexico was reportedly sent back to his home without his “brain, stomach, or heart.”

The 35-year-old, who has only been identified as Mr. Kim, was reportedly involved in a fight at a karaoke bar on the day that he died. He was rushed to the hospital unconscious, where he was later pronounced dead. The original autopsy concluded no external damage and that he died of natural causes. 

However, Mr. Kim’s wife ordered a second autopsy be done on his body, this time in South Korea, which revealed that he was missed his brain, stomach, and heart, as well as showing significant external damage. An investigation was also not launched into the death, because police assumed no foul play due to the natural cause of death. 

Mrs. Kim and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in South Korea have asked Mexican authorities to return the missing organs, which are believed to be at the Servicio Medico Forense. 

Source: Man dies in Mexico, sent home ‘without brain, stomach or heart’

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