Frantic Prisoners Protest No Heat in Jail for Days

A federal jail in Brooklyn has reportedly been without heat since Saturday due to a power outage, leaving more than a thousand inmates to suffer in the cold.

The Metropolitan Detention Center in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, holds more than 1,600 inmates. Sources said that the inmates had been stuck in freezing cells for days. “They just stay huddled up in the bed,” June Bencebi, a case manager at the jail said. A spokesperson said the building did experience a partial power outage on Saturday but denied that it caused the jail to go without heat. Rachel Brass, a paralegal at the Brooklyn office of Federal Defenders, said, “People are frantic. They’re really, really scared. They don’t have extra blankets.” Visits from lawyers and family have been canceled since Sunday.

Prisoners​ protesting can be heard from the outside.

Source: Brooklyn Jail Goes Without Heat For Days During Brutal Cold Snap: Gothamist

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