Florida Man Spends Over 40 Days in Jail for Heroin that was Actually Tide Laundry Detergent

A Florida man was forced to spend 41 days in jail for heroin possession, when the substance turned out to be detergent.

Matt Crull, 29, was locked up over Christmas and New Year’s for the false accusation. He and 10 others were released today and the deputy that ran the investigation has been fired. 

Crull had a white, powdery substance in his driver side door, wrapped in a plastic bag with a hair tie around it. Deputy Steven O’Leary was convinced that the substance was heroin and took in Crull for the offense. However, further analysis showed that the substance was not, in fact, heroin. 

Source: Florida man spends 41 days in jail for heroin that turned out to – NBC2 News

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