Officials Say List of Non-U.S. Citizens that Voted in Texas Elections has “Significant” Errors

County officials in Texas have voiced doubt in a recent report released by the Texas Secretary of State that listed around 58,000 people as being non-U.S. citizens that voted in U.S. elections since 1996. 

Officials from Williamson and Travis County say that the list included several thousand people who should not have been listed. According to the secretary of state’s office, Travis County’s Bruce Elfant said, the list included two categories of names that needed to be addressed.

One was listed people who registered to vote at a DPS office and needed to be removed immediately. The other included people who could have become naturalized U.S. citizens at some point and needed to be treated with care because they would be eligible to vote.

“I want to give people the benefit of doubt that they did the best they can when they compiled this data,” Elfant said. “But we haven’t done this before, and they’re learning and we’re learning as we go. They made this allegation that a lot of people on the voter registration rolls are not citizens, and we have an obligation to learn what the truth is here.”

A hispanic advocacy group also filed a lawsuit regarding the report, saying that it was a “carefully crafted” attack on Latino voters in an attempt to intimidate them. 

Our original article on the report can be found here

Source: County officials: State list of suspect voters has ‘significant’ errors

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